My experience; Endoscopic CTS

Today marks 2 years exactly since i had my endoscopic CTS surgery.

When the Dr told me that he was scheduling surgery, i was excited at the thought of all this numbness and pain and tingling, to be gone. I was nervous also, because i had never been put to sleep.

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Colourpop. *review

I had never heard of Colourpop until a friend of mine recommended them instead of the Kylie lip kits. I decided to give it a try. I ordered my Colourpop ultra matte lip liquid lipsticks on May 10th. I waited, and waited, finally on the 16th, they shipped. I received them on the 17th.

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Who is Todd and where can i find him? Does he have a solution?

It has been a crazy few months. In April, my other half had a medical scare that shook me to the core. I was awoken, to his cousin screaming, asking me to call 911. I came out to see him seizing and i called 911. The ambulance workers we encountered that night, were the most unhelpful & rude workers, ive ever met. (I am being nice as possible with my words.)  Continue reading


Since losing my daughters dad, i feel a little more paranoid than usual. Okay, way more. Anyone who has been in my situation, im sure you can relate.

I am constantly thinking that i have to be super careful, because if something happens to me, she has no one. It haunts me daily. Im constantly on edge. My anxiety and panic attacks have gotten worse. My ibs has been affected so much. The daily stress i deal with mentally, is enough to make someone crazy.

I got into Norwex last year after this whole situation. Norwex is a chemical free cleaning line. I feel like i have to do everything i can to protect us. The scary thing about that is, food allergies can develop randomly. My daughter & i both suffer from them. (I just ate salmon, rice, asparagus, and bittermelon. My throat started itching which caused me to post this.)

I hope anyone who is in my situation, somehow eventually found some peace. It would give me hope. :/


where do i begin? I’m not new to this blog thing, but i haven’t had a blog in over 11 years…

I am a wife, a mom to a 11 year old & step mom to a 13 year old. My girls & my husband are my world. ♥

My daughters dad passed away February 11th of 2016, from a food allergy. Yes, a food allergy. Food allergies are no joke, please DO NOT mistake something that has been looked at like a fad, ITS REAL. 2016 was one of the craziest years. Follow me as i struggle to deal with everything that comes with a situation like this. (Its been the craziest roller coaster ive ever ridden, for sure.)

I have panic & anxiety attacks, i suffer from ibs, i have suffered from depression. Im trying to deal the best i can. This is my open book.

I am a beautiful disaster, just trying to figure this thing out and get myself together.