Since losing my daughters dad, i feel a little more paranoid than usual. Okay, way more. Anyone who has been in my situation, im sure you can relate.

I am constantly thinking that i have to be super careful, because if something happens to me, she has no one. It haunts me daily. Im constantly on edge. My anxiety and panic attacks have gotten worse. My ibs has been affected so much. The daily stress i deal with mentally, is enough to make someone crazy.

I got into Norwex last year after this whole situation. Norwex is a chemical free cleaning line. I feel like i have to do everything i can to protect us. The scary thing about that is, food allergies can develop randomly. My daughter & i both suffer from them. (I just ate salmon, rice, asparagus, and bittermelon. My throat started itching which caused me to post this.)

I hope anyone who is in my situation, somehow eventually found some peace. It would give me hope. :/


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