Who is Todd and where can i find him? Does he have a solution?

It has been a crazy few months. In April, my other half had a medical scare that shook me to the core. I was awoken, to his cousin screaming, asking me to call 911. I came out to see him seizing and i called 911. The ambulance workers we encountered that night, were the most unhelpful & rude workers, ive ever met. (I am being nice as possible with my words.)  They refused to help him. They told me that basically, he was fine and that they were not going to help someone who didn’t need it. They dragged him out of my house. They ridiculed him on the ride there and in the hospital. (He was well aware of what was going on, but by this point, he was unable to speak or respond in any way.)

After numerous tests and at this point about 10 hours, a Dr came in and told me he was pretty sure that he had what is called Todds Paralysis. He said that they would test for a stroke the next day, if he hadnt come out of this. Todds Paralysis is caused by a seizure and depending on the area it affects, it can cause vision loss and speech loss, along with paralysis of either side or your whole body. His seizure affected his speech, vision, and he was paralyzed on his right side. The Dr told us that it usually lasts around 15 hours at most, but there is prolonged rare cases where it can last up to 40.

There is no cure for Todds Paralysis. Its a wait and see game.

30 hours straight, he was paralyzed and unable to speak. It was the most agonizing 30 hours of my life. After losing my daughters father, and my mother dying at this very hospital… i was losing my mind. I kept pacing the floor, like please just say something, please wake up. It was horrible.

He is doing much better now, and i appreciate everyone keeping up with me and sending their thoughts and prayers. I appreciate the food, the hugs, everything. Thank you to everyone who was so supportive. I know many people were not aware of this situation, but if you know me, you know i am a very private person. And even more so , if you know him, you know he probably wouldnt want me to tell anyone. I am just sharing because i want people to know that seizures, like any other medical problems, can turn into something very serious.


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