Colourpop. *review

I had never heard of Colourpop until a friend of mine recommended them instead of the Kylie lip kits. I decided to give it a try. I ordered my Colourpop ultra matte lip liquid lipsticks on May 10th. I waited, and waited, finally on the 16th, they shipped. I received them on the 17th.

I ordered Solow, Midi, & Bianca. Now, i don’t know how the Kylie formula is, but i have heard it is similar. I like how it went on and it didn’t flake off or feel too dry. I didn’t have to keep reapplying it. It didn’t rub off either. NOW, this isn’t so much a complaint, but they should state, it doesn’t come off easily. I would recommend a Norwex body cloth (which i use, and always takes of my stubborn or waterproof makeup) or something similar. If not, you will be rubbing for a while and might irritate your skin.

I liked Midi, and Bianca. I don’t care too much for Solow, its really bright and on the website it looked more like a nude pink.

Overall, i would recommend Colourpop. My only complaint was the slow processing/shipping time. Other than that, I am completely satisfied.

(Solow, Bianca, Midi)


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