My experience; Endoscopic CTS

Today marks 2 years exactly since i had my endoscopic CTS surgery.

When the Dr told me that he was scheduling surgery, i was excited at the thought of all this numbness and pain and tingling, to be gone. I was nervous also, because i had never been put to sleep.

*if you don’t want to read this, you can just scroll to the bottom to read my conclusion*

Surgery day: Surgery was scheduled at 9am. It was about an hour and a half from my house. Got there, got settled in… and freaked out. I hadn’t had any of my anxiety medication, or my ibs medication. I was a wreck. Surgery didn’t happen until about 11am. 2 hours i was just losing it. After the surgery, i wasn’t in any pain. I was just a little tired. My arm was numb, and not just numb, but like heavy and tingling numb.

Days after: The numbness lasted about 20 hours. I was swollen for a good week or so. The pain was only really bad, if i hadn’t propped my arm up. It was uncomfortable to sleep because i had to sleep with my arm propped up… Nothing really exciting.

Stitches out!: I was excited for this day because it meant no more asking someone to wash my hair or having my arm out of the shower, so it didn’t get wet. But, my excitement was short lived. The Dr stitched so tight, the nurses were panicking trying to get them out. And that made me panic. She ended up pulling scissors out, and she cut me on accident. HOLY HECK. I had a panic attack and she was trying to talk me down. (Thinking about this, is making my heart race.) She ended up calling another Dr in to help, and he took a while, but finally got them out.

Months after: My excitement was short lived when, about 2 months later, I went to close my sliding door and that buzzing in my hand came back. My dr tried a shot to help with it, because after that, the numbness at night also returned.

**Today:  2 years after the surgery, I feel like it was NOT a success. I had endoscopic surgery vs full hand surgery. Maybe that has something to do with it, who knows. Today, i am still in pain and my hand goes numb quite often. I am basically back to square one. The pro of the surgery, you cant see the scar, unless you look really hard at my hand.


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